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MIGRA & Autism Society of Michigan

Together again for 2017

We're pleased to announce that we'll be spending 2017 producing events aimed towards the promotion and benefit of the Autism Society of Michigan.

MIGRA Member Spotlight - Ms. Shelby Lynn

This month we take a look at, and honor the efforts of one of the longest active MIGRA Membership tenures among us. Shelby Lynn has been a MIGRA Member since the late 90's, just years after MIGRA formation in 1994. Shelby has served the Organization in several capacities. Including a record number of reigns as Ms. MIGRA on the MIGRA Royalty Team.

  • Past Member of the MIGRA Board of Trustees
  • Culture Correspondent
  • Member of the Board of Directors
  • Ms. MIGRA 1999-2000
  • Ms. MIGRA 2008
  • Ms. MIGRA 2011
  • Ms. MIGRA 2013

Shelby Lynn has extensive experience in and out of the rodeo arena as both Volunteer at numberous rodeos around the circuit, to contestant and arena crew. She took her first trip to a rodeo on an airplane to the Sunshine Stampede in Florida in 2013. Shelby Lynn graces the stage with her amazing and audience engaging performances, and was/is the driving force behind the MIGRA efforts relative to the Autism Society of Michigan. We at MIGRA are thrilled to have her with us on our journey and hope that everyone that knows her will offer their thanks and congratulations to such a successful and lenghtly tenure with MIGRA.

Hats off to you, Shelby Lynn!!


MDOT Highway Cleanup


Scheduled Meetings

January 21, 2017 (Special Meeting BOD) - Minutes

2017 MIGRA/IGRA Calendar

Feb 17-19 Arizona Gay Rodeo, Phoenix AZ
Mar 31 - Apr 2 A Texas Tradition Rodeo, Denton TX
Apr 28-30 Rodeo in the Rock, Little Rock AR
May 12-14 Hot Rodeo 2017, Palm Springs CA

A complete list of IGRA Events is available at the IGRA Website. Click the link to the left for more information.

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Presidents Welcome

In this, our 23rd year as a Domestic Non-Profit Corporation in the State of Michigan, I'm happy to say that we've revitalized the spirit and Mission of MIGRA. We've brought some new folk along for the ride and I know that we will put every effort into doing right by our Members, Leadership, Charity Partners and all those who support us!! Thanks for visiting the new website and we'll see you soon at a MIGRA event.

President, Scott Korff


From Highway Cleanup to Rodeo, there's always a way that you can help us in our efforts. Send us a message below!!!